Houston OBGYN | Vaginal Bleeding After Bowel Movement

Posted August 16, 2011

Houston OBGYN | pregnant womanMost people have heard of rectal bleeding after a bowel movement and would relate it to hemorrhoids, but what about pregnant women who experience vaginal bleeding after bowel movements? This is an all-too-common experience that many discuss with their Houston OBGYN.
In most cases, pregnant women experience a very faint spotting of blood when they strain too hard during a bowel movement. There is so much pressure on internal organs and tissues that it doesn’t take much added strain to bring out a small amount of blood from the cervix. In most cases, this is extremely normal and will only happen on rare occasions when there is unusual strain to release a bowel movement.
It is best for pregnant women to avoid straining during a bowel movement. Women experiencing a lot of hard stools and constipation can make some changes to soften the stool and decrease the spotting during bowel movements. Some ideas would include:
 Increasing the amount of fiber consumed daily.

 Increasing the amount of water consumed daily.

 Cutting back on foods known to cause constipation, such as cheese.


If heavier bleeding is present after a bowel movement or if the bleeding comes with pain, then medical help may be needed.
If you need more information about vaginal bleeding of any variety, contact your Houston OBGYN, Lisa Otey, on her website today.

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